Town Of Albany

Albany Township - Pepin County, WI

Election Requirements

Voter Photo ID Required

The U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed the photo ID provisions of 2011 Wisconsin Act 23. A photo ID is now required to receive a ballot in all special and regular elections.

 Registering to Vote:

To vote in Wisconsin you must first register to vote. You can start the registration process online at My Vote WI: You can also register in-person at the polling place on Election Day.

Some voters must submit proof of residence with their voter registration. This includes you if:

  • You are registering for the first time and submitted your form by mail, or

  • You are registering to vote less than 20 days before Election Day.

Absentee Voting:

If you are interested in voting absentee, please submit a request in writing to the clerk's office at :

                                                                                 Julie Heck

                                                                           Albany Road W

Mondovi WI, 54755

Or by email:

MyVote Wisconsin Website

At you can register to vote, check your voter registration status, find your polling place, see what's on your ballot, request an absentee ballot (military and permanent overseas voters only), and check provisional ballot status.

Forms & Fees

Township Rates and Forms

Dog License

Dog license form

By state law, all dogs 5 months or older, residing in Wisconsin are required to have a valid, current year dog license attached to their collar. Licenses are good for the calendar year, January 1st – December 31st.

What is Needed to Get a Dog License

You need to provide a copy of your dog’s current Certificate of Rabies Vaccination, the complete dog registration form (link is above), a self-addressed stamped envelope and your payment to Town of Albany Treasurer, Lonna Brantner, N7566 County Road T, Mondovi, WI 54755. This can be sent along with your first installment tax payment.

Dog License Fees

Neutered/Spayed $ 8.00

NOT Neutered/Spayed $20.00

Kennel $60.00

Late Fee after March 31 $10.00(additional)

NOTE: The Township of Albany charges a $35.00 NSF fee for any returned checks

Building Permit

A building permit is required for any structure being built in the township of Albany, (including freestanding solar panels).  A permit must be acquired prior to the start of the build from the Town Chairman, Adolph Pichler.

Building Permit Fees

Standard Permit $ 50.00

Late Fee $200.00(if not purchased prior to the start of building)  

Ditch Cleaning Dirt & Hauling Rates

  • If the town is cleaning the ditch and dirt is loaded on truck, the fee is $10.00 per load

  • If resident comes to Town Hall for dirt, loads and hauls themselves, the fee is $20.00 per load

  • If resident comes to Town Hall for dirt, town load and hauls within 5 miles the fee is $35.00 per load

  • If resident comes to Town Hall for dirt, town load and hauls greater than 5 miles the fee is $50.00 per load

Garbage Bag Rates

  • Large bags (Orange) $5.00

  • Small Bags (Purple) $4.00

Note: To use the town dumpster, you must purchase bags.  Bags can be purchased from the Town Chairman or at any town board meeting.

Property Taxes

Tax Due Dates

January 31st

  • First Installment or entire tax bill

  • All Personal Property Taxes

  • Woodland Taxes

  • Forest Crop Taxes

  • Real Estate Property Taxes $99.99 or less

July 31st

  • If you choose to pay in installments, your second installment is due by July 31st

  • If you fail to pay the correct amount, at the correct time, to the correct place it will cause you to incur additional charges

Where To Pay

All payments made or postmarked on or before January 31st, must be paid to:

Town of Albany Treasurer

Lonna Brantner

N7566 County Road T

Mondovi, WI 54755


Payments made or postmarked after January 31st must be paid to:

Pepin County Treasurer

740 7th Ave W

Durand, WI 54736

Ways to Pay

  • Mail check payable to Albany Township, to Albany Treasurer Lonna Brantner, N7566 County Road T, Mondovi, WI 54755

  • A drop box is located at Treasurer's residence at N7566 County Road T, Mondovi, WI (Red box attached to the house)

  • How To Make Tax Payments Online

If you would like a receipt or a copy of the tax list, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.